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The CONDOR database is a resource dealing with Conserved Non-coding Elements (CNEs) identified through targeted multiple alignments of orthologous DNA sequence between the Fugu genome and a number of mammalian genomes. CNEs identified in this way are likely to have been conserved in all vertebrate genomes and cluster almost exclusively around genes involved with regulation of early vertebrate development. These sequences are likely to represent distal cis-regulatory elements such as enhancers and silencers essential for the correct spatial/temporal expression of early developmental regulators.

Currently, the database holds data on more than 7000 CNEs, as well as ongoing results of transient in-vivo assays of CNEs for enhancer activity carried out using embryos from the zebrafish Danio rerio (see here for details). This database is the result of work carried out in the laboratory of Dr Greg Elgar, QMUL, UK.

The CONDOR database is designed to be used mainly, but not exclusively, by experimental biologists interested in the regulation of early developmental regulators. To see how CONDOR can help you prioritise conserved elements for further study in your laboratory, please read the tutorial. If you would like us to include a gene region not currently in the database or to collaborate in annotating CNEs, please contact us. In addition, if you utilise functional data from CONDOR please contact us before submission to a journal.

Details on the database can be found using the Tutorial or in our publication:

Woolfe A, Goode D, Cooke J, Callaway H, Smith S, Snell P, McEwen G and Elgar G. CONDOR: a database resource of developmentally-associated conserved non-coding elements. BMC Developmental Biology. 2007. 7:100

You can see a list of other related publications here and recently added features here.

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